Brands from across Australia, Canada, Latin America, and the USA all use Quiver to engage in relevant and valuable highly-targeted conversations with their followers, but you don’t have to take our word for it! Learn how some early adopters got a jump on their competition and are leveraging Quiver to connect with their target audiences with creativity and precision!

We are using Quiver as our main communication tool in order to promote our football games, our teams and players. PFL can now engage with fans in a new way. For example, fans receive in real-time the scores and images of the games on their phone. We also send our schedule with geo-targeted reminders on the day of the game. We send messages to the audience present at the game with exclusive invitations to events, giveaways and promotions from our other sponsors.

Luis Alfredo Navas

President, Panama Flag League

Quiver allows Ceph to continue the momentum from our conferences and seminars in very engaging and relevant manner with our audience.   The ability to time and/or geo fence our content keeps our audience up to date when and where it matters.  Ceph’s innovation needs an innovative platform to stay in touch, and Quiver meets that need!

Danielle Womboldt

Marketing Programs, Ceph

Our customers are passionate about wine and so are we.  Quiver allows us to engage with them on a personal level which strengthens our brand. Whether it’s engaging at tastings, wine and cheese shows, restaurants, pubs or wherever people are drinking Municipal wines we can provide them with valuable information in a meaningful way with Quiver.

Matt Froude

Founder and CEO, Municipal Wines

The Motorcycle community is a strong and loyal one.  Quiver allows us to strengthen the bonds we have with our customers. Quiver is an excellent way for us to reach customers at bike rallies, shows, and events as well as around our dealerships.

Mick Sinclair

Business Development (PAM) & Marketing Manager, Harley Heaven

Quiver is an excellent way for us to interact intimately with our fans. We can announce tour dates, give special promotions and just let them know what we are up to.

Jake Wiffem

Lead Singer, Dead City Ruins

Quiver gives us the flexibility to send highly targeted messages specific to all of our dealerships and across all of our brands. Quiver is perfect for supporting auto sales as well as communicating our service promotions.

Jordan Hesse

Marketing Manager, Regent Motors

Social Media and existing clients are our primary sources of new business, Quiver allows us to maintain close contact with our current clients as well as reach out at key places and times to promote our brand. By targeting industry events and trade shows we are able to touch the people we know we need to be consistently talking to and at the time that is most important.

James Buchanan

Owner, JB Photography