Quiver Cares


Quiver reduces the noise in peoples lives through precise mobile messaging and while we’re not saving the world, we do clear mindshare for those who are, one less message at a time! We’re drawn to noble causes and the people behind them. That’s why we’re proud to contribute our time, our knowledge, and our technology to organizations that work tirelessly to make the world a better place for all of us.

Quiver donates FREE Superstar subscriptions to not-for-profit and academic institutions. If you wish to apply for a free subscription please contact us at sales@quiver.zone. In the meantime, here are some testimonials of those who have already started to Quiver! Please contact us at: sales@quiver.zone. In the meantime, here are some testimonials of happy not-for-profit organizations:

On The Line has a lot of sensitive communications both internally and externally.  Quiver’s profiling and opt-in functionality lets us reach out to our stakeholders in an intimate manner.  We’re now able to reach out across all of our nine brands to the people we’re here to help in a personal way.  We are also able to stay close to our staff to offer encouragement and motivations at critical times as we are often dealing with difficult and emotional subject manner.

Peter Giles

Marketing and Communications Manager, On The Line

We see Quiver as a natural addition to our social media strategy.  It is in line with how we market to our stakeholders. We are looking to deliver more timely and impactful messaging to both internal and external stakeholders.

David Sakko

Senior Manager Infrastructure & IT, Best Chance Family Care

Quiver is a natural value component to Our Student Exchange’s offering to our clients. With Quiver in place, the schools, students, and parents that are involved in the organization and execution of international student exchanges are able to communicate with students at specific places in time.  The added safety of knowing where and when a student has received a message is massive.

Renee Buckley

Owner, Our Student Exchange