Relevant Engagement

Audience engagement platform with GeoTime mobile messaging

Deliver unprecedented precision and impact to your audience with geo and time targeting. Direct and intimate connections that only mobile messaging can provide are supported by enterprise grade campaign management for an exceptional ROI.

Powerful Campaign Management

Intuitive advanced tools available to all enterprise users

Create, schedule, and launch effective campaigns for maximum impact and ROI. Quiver adds a versatile new arrow to the marketers quiver that only enhances current engagement efforts!


Campaign Dashboard

Get at-a-glance views
of your in-flight campaigns
for quick evaluation.


Location Management

Manage your locations
so you can easily send to
important hot spots.


Easy and Fast

Campaign creation in minutes!
Even on the fly reactive
campaigns are possible.

GeoTime Targeted Messaging

Precise control when composing messages

GeoTime targeting on it’s own is extraordinary, but that is just the start. Control deliveries on both entry and exit of a geo-fence. Start and end campaigns at varying scheduled intervals. Stage messages well in advance and segment your audiences, and that’s just a start.


Location. Location. Location.

Geo-target your audience
exactly where they
want to hear from you.



Schedule your messages
exactly when they
want to hear from you.


Reduce Noise

Only message users who want it and
minimize noise for those who don’t
Be part of the solution!

Comprehensive Reporting Tools

Always know where you stand with comprehensive Business Intelligence (BI) tools

Capture and analyze campaign data in real time with Quiver’s comprehensive account dashboard. Gain unique and valuable insights into your marketing performance.


Enterprise Dashboard

Quiver’s incredible power can be
deftly controlled by even the most
novice user through an easy-to-use dashboard.


Increase ROI

Know when your campaigns are
working and when they’re not.
Simply test, adjust, and enhance.



Easy access to
quantified reports of
campaign performance


Harness the power of geo and time targeting

Quiver’s 2015 launch brought to life the vision of geo and time-targeted messaging. It’s a winning combination that’s yet to be duplicated. Something this easy, yet so powerful is not to be ignored.


Set the standard

Blaze trails in your industry
with messaging that
everyone will notice.


Do something different

Show your followers
you’re an innovator
with targeted messaging.


Quiver API

Take matters into your own hands
and inject the power of Quiver
into your own vision!

Plans and Pricing

Additional feature found in Amplifier and SuperStar ONLY: Private (Invite Only Brands)
Additional features found in SuperStar ONLY: Ad Hoc Reporting, Filter based Audience Segmentation


See how others are putting Quiver to work.

Quiver’s a revolution in the world of targeted messaging. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Listen to what some of our users have to say.

Quiver Cares

We’re drawn to noble causes and the people behind them.

We contribute our time, our knowledge, and our technology to organizations that work tirelessly to make the world a better place for all of us. Non-profits and academic institutions get great Quiver benefits!

Claim Your Brand

Grab your brand name before someone else does.

Claim your Quiver name now. It’s free, it’s forever, and it’s you. Setting up a Quiver account is quick, easy and painless, plus and you can begin sending full targeted messages and campaigns in less than an hour!