I see that a website is live. A piece of software is about to launch. I hear from the VCs that we are too early stage, too late stage, too B2C, too B2B, the team is too distributed, and/or we are just too damn hip (c’mon, nobody said that). And, everyday I see that potential users, customers and partners are VERY excited about what is happening here.

…Holy crap! I must be doing another startup.

Welcome to Quiver.

That’s right, we have once again assembled a great team that is perfectly designed to build an innovative, fun to work at, just plain awesome company… and hide my flaws. The team has been running hard for several months to leverage Steven’s brilliant idea as a foundation for bringing relevance, impact and more value to the world of mobile messaging. We have also brought together a great group of advisors to act as a both a catalyst and as a bit of an insurance policy to ensure that we maximize the outcome of this tremendous opportunity.

What is Quiver?

Quiver is a mashup of mobile messaging – think WhatsApp – with several components of a social network – think Instagram – with an integrated enterprise-grade, communication program execution platform – think HubSpot and/or Constant Contact. To this mashup we have added geo-fencing and time-fencing functionality. This combination quite simply makes Quiver a better way for you to connect with the people, and the things, you love.

This mashup enables thousands of new mobile messaging use cases which, we will address in an upcoming post. At a high level however, Quiver enables a user – both social and enterprise – to deliver relevant, valuable messages at the time and place they will have the most impact.

We are launching a closed beta in June on both iOS and Android. We are very excited about bringing this social messaging platform to market. It is going to be a blast for everyone, IMVHO.

Join the Team. Join the Beta. Partner. Become a Customer: www.quiver.zone.

Here we go again!