So in a previous post, I had suggested that Quiver would be releasing its closed beta on Android this week. Well, as it turns out software development is difficult. Now, this is not new to me – CephFS anyone? This delay is unfortunate however because I know better than to say a date before being sure. That being said, we are close. We anticipate missing my “week of the 15th” proclamation by less than 7 business days. I just felt it was important to let those of you who are listening know that there will be a delay.


Randomness. We are seeing some randomness in geo-fencing behaviour when a small percentage of devices are on WiFi. As anyone who has ever built software before knows, the worst types of bugs are the random ones. We are fully aware that we will be less than perfect when the closed beta is finally distributed, hence being closed, but, this was one bug that we wanted to squash before we ask you to take Quiver for a test drive.

Yes but, there must be a Silver Lining, No?

Yes, in fact there is a silver lining. Thank you for asking. As we have been tracking down the geo-fencing bug we have also been getting some “nice to haves” in and doing a little extra testing. Again, none of this will result in perfection but who knows, we could reach the edge of greatness.

Sign up for the beta for more information about the progress and the launch: because when this thing happens it is going to be a whole lot of fun!!

And, my apologies for being premature… with my closed beta launch date declaration.