With all the work we’ve been doing behind the scenes over the past few months here at Quiver, we thought now would be a great time to update you on the state of things!

The Apps!

We’ve been busy putting the finishing touches on both our Android and iOS Quiver Messenger apps. We expect to make a big splash later next month when we hit our shipping milestone and finally bring time and geo-targeted messaging done right to millions of smartphone users around the world!

The apps are in stores now – we’re still polishing them – expect a few updates coming up!

Quiver Messenger in Beta was a sight to behold, but the Quiver Messenger of today is even better!

We’ve improved the stability of our apps, both across iOS and Android devices. We’ve improved our app notifications, making certain that you only see the messages you’re intended to see – when and where you’re supposed to see them. Our apps are now even more location-sensitive, for maximum messaging accuracy!

We’ve also added syncing with your contacts to our iOS client, and this same functionality is coming soon to Android. With just one tap you’ll be able to import all of your contacts into Quiver automatically!


The Platform!

Quiver’s back-end is ready to roll.  Our infrastructure is feature-complete for launch and our roadmap for future improvements is solid! We’ve withstood penetration tests, DDoS simulations, and about bajillion other attempts to take us down.  We’re ready for crazy traffic!

Our portal is awesome!  Brands can create and manage their campaigns with just a few clicks, get deliverability metrics, and a/b test content to their hearts content!  If our mobile clients are the heart of Quiver, our web portal is the brain of the operation!

Brands & Partners!

We’ve had interest from hundreds of brands, organizations, educational institutions, and other groups that are excited to start using Quiver to deliver messages to exactly the right people at exactly the right time.  Thanks to our time and location-aware platform, their target audiences are now more specific, more relevant, and more useful than ever!

We have partners and clients worldwide from Canada to Australia, Costa Rica to South Africa.  We’ve begun onboarding and training these visionary early adopters who saw Quiver’s potential early on, and their first campaigns are shaping up beautifully to take full advantage of the Quiver platform!

Let’s say you’re a restaurant owner and you’re having a slow week.  You’re in the red, but a quick boost of business could get you in the black! Imagine offering a free dessert to your restaurant’s Facebook followers.  How many people would that pull in for you? Probably not a lot.  Now imagine offering that same discount to everyone within a 1 mile radius of your restaurant in a six hour window. Which one do you think will get more people in the door?

When you create a sense of urgency and target people who are geopositionally advantaged to benefit from your call to action, you not only look like a badass, but you become a master of time and space!

The Team!

We couldn’t have built a team like this fifty years ago!  Our team today is distributed across the globe and includes over a dozen experts in their respective fields.  We’ve got talented programmers, marketers, bizdev guys, makeup artists, and more cranking away behind the scenes to make Quiver great!

We’re looking to grow our team in the immediate future and are hiring for a diverse set of skills.  If you want to see some truly next level Quivering, consider working for us – from anywhere in the world and from home!

Where Do We Go From Here?

As we get ready for launch we’ve got some tricks up our sleeve and some cool announcements to make.  Don’t miss out on any of them!  Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and soon – QUIVER!