Something new and remarkable just washed up on the Quiver shores!

It’s a weekly newsletter!  Something we’re calling Quiver Me Weekly!  

Quiver Me Weekly is a regular dispatch of the latest news in the world of mobile messaging.  Believe me, if there’s one thing we know, it’s mobile messaging!

First, there’s the mobile part.  That’s key.  But don’t forget the messaging – also very important.  Put them together and you’ve got something with which we are intimately familiar.  You might even call us subject matter experts, or “smexperts,” as we say in the biz.

The mobile messaging world is evolving every day!  Quiver sits at the forefront of it all like a majestic wooden mermaid atop the bow of a mighty ship, and we’ll guide you skillfully into the future with weekly updates and forays into the wild frontier.

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