In a sea of competing outreach strategies, there’s a big difference between merely making fleeting contact and establishing a lasting connection. Highly targeted mobile messaging outshines its less-precise predecessors and helps brands implement communications strategies that produce bigger waves.

Could switching to targeted mobile messaging help your company deliver more impactful content? Here are the facts on how a tool like Quiver is redefining what it means to cultivate audiences.

Nearly Perfect Impression Percentages

Most platforms exhibit abysmally small fractions of followers that actually see your content, also known as impression percentages. For instance, on Twitter, your content will only reach a maximum of 2 percent of your followers, and that’s on a good day.

Facebook impressions are higher with a range of 2 to 6.5 percent, and the best-performing campaigns on MailChimp delivered approximately 28 percent as of February 2017. Still, these rates make it clear that advertisers are expending a lot more than they gain.

Stop settling for so little

Quiver blows such stats out of the water with an amazing impression rate of 99 percent. No matter what your marketing goals are, it’s hard to dispute the advantages of reaching the overwhelming majority of those you set out to contact.

Making Meaningful Engagement Easier

Quiver holds its ground against Twitter, Facebook and email campaigns when it comes to getting individuals to engage with content. The big difference is how many followers you need to produce the same level of interaction.

On Twitter or Facebook, you’ll require anywhere from 154,000 to 2 million fans to generate just 100 acts of engagement. With email, you’ll need at least 84,000 followers. If you haven’t established a massive following, then these methods will only deliver watered-down results.

Do way more with far less

Quiver is almost an order of magnitude better. You can generate the same 100 engagement actions with just 10,000 followers, so it’s infinitely easier to build a strong brand.

What Makes Quiver So Much More Impactful?

How is such a new app doing what other social tools only dream of achieving? The secret lies in the way Quiver leverages spatial and temporal data and combines it with mobile messaging.

Platforms like Twitter and Facebook are only just now catching up to concepts like geofencing. Quiver, on the other hand, has four-dimensional messaging technology built into its core.

In addition to reaching out to people who have already expressed interest by following them, brands can use Quiver to contact prospects when they’re most receptive to the message. By engaging with consumers when they enter or exit geofences, companies get to provide the ultimate in personalized interactive experiences and limit the unwanted noise that damages relationships.

Deliver Meaningful Content. Get Started With Quiver.

Quiver empowers brands to interact more organically and avoid the numbing sameness of rote outreach. By reacting to behaviors like a real human would, our messaging service is helping companies bring their mobile marketing into the 21st century.

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