In the life of a startup, the early fundraising period – the seed round – is a magical time! The seed round represents a startup’s “best foot forward,” and helps establish base operating costs.

The seed round can make millionaires of early investors who have the vision to support and help guide the direction of fresh new ideas. It can also make asses of total morons who have more money than sense.

You look like one of the smart ones, and that’s good news! Quiver is in the midst of our seed round. We’ve raised $700k and have just $300k left to hit our goal of $1M. Now’s your best chance to join over two dozen very smart, good-looking people, and put your money where the future of messaging is! Check us out on AngelList here.

Our public launch is mere weeks away. Once that happens, our seed round ends and your opportunity for mega equity drops into the gutter like a pigeon hit by a taxi on the filthy, murderous streets of Rio de Janeiro.

After launch our Series A funding round begins. We’re looking at raising (conservatively) $3 to 5 million in additional investment at that point. Now is the time when your vision can have the most impact, and now is your best opportunity to ensure that you see the largest return on your investment in Quiver. Don’t wait until that door closes. Once we launch, things get real.

We truly believe that we’re bringing a revolution to the world of mobile messaging. We’d love to see you join our team.

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Bryan (CEO and Co-Founder) and the Quiver team