12 Rounds with Mobile Technology. Still Standing and Moving On!

by | Dec 8, 2015


We are emerging from our 12 round, heavyweight battle with “mobile technology”, elated, confident and ready to launch our (last) Quiver Closed Beta to ~500 people!

It took us a while to get here primarily because a major change we made to our home feed and, because what we are doing is actually quite tough. When we started this business I thought it would be easy compared to what we built at Inktank, my last startup, but, I now understand why sometimes a notification badge on doesn’t clear on Slack, Skype and Gmail. And, when you add geo and time to the mix, frankly, all bets are off.

But, we are now ready to go and extremely eager to get your feedback!

Sign up if you are interested in having an early look and providing us feedback: www.quiver.zone. Oh, and get your friends, especially the 15 – 25 yr old ones to sign up. We’d love to hear from them too.

The closed beta will feature both iOS and Android versions of our Quiver social mobile messaging platform. You will have the ability to precisely and creatively control who, when and where your friend(s) receive a message using the geo and time targeting so that your messages have maximum impact! There are thousands of fun ways to use Quiver. Geo and time targeting opens up everything from geo-fenced reminders to yourself, to scavenger hunts to pub crawls to time capsules to multi-stage marriage proposals. Check it out. We’re sure you’ll come up with your own ways creative, cool and just plain awesome ways to use Quiver. When you do please tell us all about them!

We have several known issues so there will be a few bumps in the road. But, we fully expect that we will learn a lot from the closed beta process and deliver many improvements along the way. Please do not be shy in providing feedback… we are not that sensitive. We expect to run the closed beta for 4 – 6 weeks.

Today is major step towards putting in place the foundation for building the world’s most powerful audience engagement platform and, in the not too distant future, a mobile operating for your life – a.k.a. WeChat for the rest of the world. We would be honoured if you and your friends join us as a critical part of shaping our future.

Happy Quivering!

Oh, don’t forget to sign-up for the beta: www.quiver.zone/join-the-beta/

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