One of the great things about founding your own business is you are able to surround yourself with fun, smart, exceptional people. So far, founding Quiver has proven to be no different. We have already put together a stellar core team made up of people who are passionate, work very hard to reach their goals and have fun along the way. We have also been able to put together a world class advisory board which is especially comforting to me as these people do nothing but supplement the efforts of the Quiver team.

Yesterday we added the lovely and talented Ben Cherian(@bencherian) to the existing Advisory Board made up of Alistair Croll, Dor Skuler and Patrick Venetucci. This addition strengthens an already strong group, who by the way, actually get stuff done.

I encourage you to reach out to any or all of these individuals to get their perspective on what we are doing and why they think Quiver will win. Who knows, you may even learn something from them. We sure are.

Oh, and do not forget to sign-up for the beta: