As mentioned in our first wonderful Quiver blog post, we are launching a beta of the Quiver app in June. Here are some more details about what exactly we are planning to do:

  1. During the week of June 15th we will be issuing invites through the Google Play Store using the alpha/beta testing tools. These invites will go out to everyone who has signed up for the beta as well as members of our personal networks.
  2. We will then gather feedback and apply that feedback to both our Android and iOS implementations.
  3. Once we are comfortable that we have addressed the most important feedback we will then launch an open Quiver Beta to both Android and iOS users through their respective app stores. We are targeting late June if you like Quiver, July if the feedback is, “you have work to do”.

We are not going to rush anything to market, while at the same time, go as fast as we can – which is pretty fast. We are going to set up solid feedback loops and, we will try to keep all beta testers informed along the way via Quiver, email, and through Twitter, Facebook and maybe even LinkedIn.

We are confident that you, the beta user, will provide a tremendous amount of insight about what is good about the app and what we need to address to be great. Deep inside, where our egos and insecurities live, we are hopeful that you will be impressed.

To learn more please visit the Quiver web page.