Precise Connections

Powerful GeoTime targeting vastly improves relevance

Quiver is the only mobile messaging platform to leverage geo and time to give you precise control over where and when your messages are received to maximize their impact and value for your audience.

Maximized Conversions

Fully targeted mobile messages are exponentially more effective

Combine the superior open rates (~98%) of mobile messaging with location and time-targeted delivery to see dramatically better performance than email and other social media campaigns.

A Better Way To Connect

GeoTime messaging opens unique targeting opportunities

Quiver enables communication and marketing professionals to let their creativity shine with new ways of precisely controlling their messages. from scavengers hunts to volunteer coordination, fan engagement to timely offers, organizations enjoy endless new ways of connecting with their audience.

Extremely Cost Effective

Make direct connections with low overhead.

Communicate directly and more intimately with your audience at a fraction of the cost of other channels. Relevant messages, precisely targeted, maximize the ROI of the time and effort you’ll spend on your campaigns.

Data Driven Optimization

Quiver delivers tremendous insight on your follower engagement

Quiver collects and presents all the data that digital marketers need to build effective, targeted campaigns. From sentiment data to location-based behavioral analysis, you can truly optimize your communication programs.

GeoTime Targeting

The power of geo-fencing and scheduled messages add endless creative ways to connect with the people and things you love

Follow Brands

Get valuable content from the brands you love, when and where you want it, without all the noise!

World Class Messaging

Impactful, targeted messaging gets to the audience who wants to hear from you at just the right moment.

What’s Happening

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Limited Time – Quiver Enterprise Offer

Canada.  America.  Two great tastes that taste great together! In honour and/or honor of both Canada Day and the Fourth of July, we're doing something special at Quiver - something we've never done before! If you sign on by September 8th to become a yearly Quiver...

Quiver is Changing the Targeted Marketing Game

In a sea of competing outreach strategies, there's a big difference between merely making fleeting contact and establishing a lasting connection. Highly targeted mobile messaging outshines its less-precise predecessors and helps brands implement communications...

Quiver CEO – Guest Lecturer at Wilfrid Laurier University

We're happy to announce that Quiver CEO and co-founder Bryan Bogensberger will be at the prestigious Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada on June 20th 2017. Bryan will be guest lecturing about building and growing a business through effective...

Webinar – Quiver to Present for Australian Marketing Institute

On June 20th at 12 - 1PM AEST Quiver’s ANZ General Manager Jeff Bogensberger is excited to be discussing with the AMI audience some of the key considerations when making educated decisions on where to channel your marketing efforts.   Topics will include: Current...

Quiver Screened at St. Kilda Film Festival

The world renowned Film Festival presented by the Port Phillip City Council in St. Kilda each year, from May 18th - 27th once again went off again without a hitch. This year however was a little different. This year the St. Kilda Film Festival used Quiver with its...

Quiver at the Credit Suisse 2017 Entrepreneurs Summit

We're happy to announce that key members of the Quiver team will be at the Credit Suisse 2017 Entrepreneurs Summit in Detroit, MI! Quiver CEO, Bryan Bogensberger, speaking on the Innovation Applied panel, taking place Wednesday, May 17th at 8:20 AM.  He'll walk you...